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Funny Marketing Funny Marketing Story

Amazons Sharknado spits out $600bn dollars in cash!

Bezos and his money making sharks shoot out of a water filled twister spitting out 600bn dollars in cold hard cash!

His top selling shark does 35 million a year in the Amazon home services niche.

This guy eats up recurring profits, takes a bite out of every sale
like a great white on a delicious Yellow fin tuna!


He found a way to make a fortune getting businesses jobs on Amazon.


How to land clients fast…*
How to get them jobs on Amazon fast*
The secret how to get paid on every single job that’s generated*
How to turn a client into a 10k yearly deal without selling!

He is literally taking a bite out of every little fishy that passes by his jaws of death.

Want to be that big bad alpha male great white shark?

This monster money making shark wants to go into full sharknado mode and shoot money out of his water twister directly into your bank account.

Take a big delicious chomp out of these commissions!

see how;



Good little sharky!



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Funny Affiliate Marketing Emails Funny Marketing Funny Marketing Story Lucifer

This Business Gave Lucifer 3rd Degree Burns On His Anus

Lucifer is pissed to say the least!

He has 3rd degree burn blisters on his anus, he is using his pitchfork to pop these troublesome intensely painful burn blisters.

Lucifer is shrieking in pain contemplating his next move like a World class Russian chess master.

Aloe vera, cool water, or even some honey straight from the depths of hell on the old hiney should do the trick.

Anything, to make this pain go away he shrieks in agony!

Do you truly feel Lucifers pain?

What is it that you truly desire?

Lucifer looks straight into your soul and asks you the eternal question of happiness?

But, how will you answer?

You as an entrepreneur, affiliate, or small business owner can relate to Lucifers agony and pain!

But, Lucifer has a surprise in store for you.

He knows exactly what it is that you truly desire in life.

Lucifer is going to show you how to activate your ready made software business without any budget, marketing skills, 3rd degree burns, or technical experience.

In laymens terms you do not have to slave away to make this business a real reality.

Lucifer sure knows how to bring the heat!

The question still remains can you stand in his kitchen?

See how you can start selling 8 high quality professionally designed apps and start making money today with your very own software business all done for you.

Trust me, You are going to want to watch this video until the very end!

I promise you won’t get burned!

After all this is the business that you truly desire and it is all done for you!

See How Here;


After all Lucifer is an angel outcast to hell.

With this business you can be an angel outcast to heaven.

How hot is that?



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Shoot Up YouTube Faster Than A Joe Rogan Elon Musk Video

Yep, you remember the podcast – slash YouTube video when Joe Rogan interviewed one of the sharpest minds and powerful entrepreneurs on the planet.

Da da da duuhh!

Elon Musk.

Episode #1169 with over 22 million views and counting.

Yep, Elon Musk talked about the future of artificial intelligence.

Elon Musk talked about Tesla, and space X.


Elon Musk even took a puff of a fat Doobie that Joe Rogan reluctantly handed him even after warning him that his stocks may plummet.

Stocks, schmocks who cares!

Give me that shit Elon thought.

Hell, I am a billionaire I do what I want when I want.

Puff, puff, pass, pass Mr. Rogan.


Hell, it aint no fun if Elon cant have none!

If you have not checked out this episode of the Joe Rogan experience.

I highly suggest you take your pretty peepers over to YouTube sit down, relax, if you want smoke a fatty, I don’t judge:) and see what one of the most brilliant minds on the planet has to say.


22 million views this video has and it is only getting bigger and bigger.

Just like one of those fat chicks on YouTube that get paid to eat, and eat, and eat some more.

By there designated feeders.

I’m not pulling your leg!

I seen a video of a feeder that is what they call these legalized Dr. Kevorkian clowns ” Because that is what they essentially are killing people slowly. “


2 tons of funs boyfriend is shoving an actual funnel down this poor girls throat, with as many calories that money can buy, going down the old esophagus.

Now, that my fat shaming friend is messed up!

What is this World coming to!


How would you like your YouTube videos to get more traction than a formula 1 race car in the quarter mile on parched blacktop?


You wont get Joe Rogan ass kicking numbers.

You won’t get a UFC announcer contract, you won’t be able to kick a punching bag into the stratosphere like Mr. Rogan can, you probably will not even be the next host of fear factor…

Wll you meet Dana White?

Probably not!

And you damn sure are not gonna be able to make kick ass podcasts like Rogan can either.

But, you can get more traffic, higher YouTube rankings, and start making more money with every YouTube video that you publish.

Doesn’t that sound more delicious than an apple shaped hiney?

Watch the video below and see how this software is turning average Joe videos and sending those YouTube video’s to the top of the search results and producing Joe Rogan type traffic in the process.

What is this strange Youtube ranking software you ask?

I am glad you asked my nosey friend.

It is.

Da, da, da, daaah!

A 5-in-1 Whitehat Video Ranking Software with Powerful Local SEO Angle, Proof, and Fully Unique Features;

See how;




Here is that Joe Rogan Elon Musk Video that has 22 million views and counting.

You can watch it right here on funnymarketer.com and blaze up my fun loving friend.

The funny marketer is out like a candle in the wind.


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Instagram Stud Sports Banana Hammock For Free Traffic + Loot

Screw the Instagram bikini models they cannot make all the money on Instagram he won’t have it.

He is turning the tables on these bikini clad women with Kardashian ghetto booties.

Enter the man banana hammock.

Drum roll pleasseeeeeee!

Daaa da da daaah!

It’s slinky

It’s tiny

It’s yellow

And it is sported by this fellow.

<<< Fake link

S.M.H. Just kidding I wouldn’t do that to you.

You laughed right?

If you didn’t you do not have a sense of humor sorry to break the bad news.

If you did laugh.

Ok, praise the lawddd I did my job then.

Back to bizznessss.

In all seriousness, if you love Instagram or just want to learn how to get more free traffic from Instagram.

Then this is for you.

Check Out This Free Video Showing You How.

Here; http://jaysonlinereviews.com/go/engagermate-instagram/

Affiliates: Start Seeing Results Today: Set Your Social Media On Automation. Generating you Authority, Likes, Follows and Sales Today.

Don’t worry there is no banana hammock included.

Just good old fashioned free traffic + Instagram sales.

ttyl Jay

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8k Subscribers In A Few Months! Interested?

8k Subscribers In A Few Months! Interested?

Warning: Without traffic your business will be deader than the star of weekend at Bernies da da da daaah Bernie himself.

That Bernies a real stiff.

But, lucky for you.

Drum roll pleaseeee!

These 2 very smart marketers are slicker than a 50’s greasers hair.

Minus the cool leather Jackets and 427 hp muscle cars of course.

They cracked the code on free traffic + listbuilding.

And they agreed to share with your beautiful self.

How they were able to get 8k red hot leads in just a few short months.

We are talking Cindy Crawford heyday hot leads here men.

And for you ladies out there sprinkle in a little George Clooney and a hint of some Brad Pitt for your viewing pleasure.

How you like dem apples?

And like I said all it took was a few short months.

That is shorter than a Leprachaun standing next to Shaquille Oneal at a Celtics game.

And you my friend to the end are going to get step by step access.

Not the 90’s classic hit by New Kids on the Block step by step.

God I hated that song.

No sireeeeeee….

Screw the whole new kids on the block clan.

They were the founding fathers of the boy bands everywhere epidemic.

Phew, thank god that is over.

Praise the lord and hallelulah.


Back to my story.

See how these 2 email lead generation geniuses were able to generate more traffic than a Kardashian special in just a few short months.

All step by step.

Screw you New Kids.

Find out.



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Kardashian Booty Clap Sends 8,000 Leads @ Traffic Galore

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian shake there bon bons to the tune of billions as the most famous reality stars to do absolutely nothing of value.

Right, Right?

Can I get an Amen?

But, love them or hate them.

These dames know how to generate cash like the federal reserve bank.


Kylie Jenner

Yep, still a Kardashian.

Anyhow, Kylie was the youngest person labeled a self made billionaire at the tender age of just 21 years old.

Thanks in big part to her makeup line.


Must be nice.

Anyhow, these Kardashian women really know how to make some serious cabbage.

They know how to get eyeballs on there show and there bon bons for that matter.

As in any online business.

Eyeballs equals traffic which in turn equals sales.

Heck, just ask the Kardashian sisters they have turned traffic into an art form, and have the bank statements to prove it.

Want to know another secret to make Kardashian coin?

A big email list.

Even bigger than a Kardashian booty.

Now, that’s big!

Learn how.

One Couple Added Over 8,000 New Email Subscribers IN JUST 4 MONTHS!

Click the pretty link below and turn into your own reality star.



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Lazy Affiliates Wet Dream Shaaakke This Money Tree

Screw Building Websites, Writing Content, And The 1,001 Other Time Sucking Soul Crushing Things Affiliates Do That Don’t Make Diddly Squat.

Let me ask you a question more serious than a heart attack.

Are you spending a lot of your hard earned time and not making one dime?

Well wipe those teary peepers my child.

This problem solver has more answers than Alex Trebek.

Ya know the Jeopardy dude.

This makes more money than the shark tank cast.

Now, that’s a lot of dough.

Suck it Cuban.

This is for you lazy ass affiliates.

Even if your not lazy just super smart this has your name plastered all over it as well. 

No website needed.

Beginner friendly. 

Stupid simple to use and apply.

Just like your favorite deodorant.

That was a joke!


Build your list on autopilot.

Ya know like one of those Tesla sweet rides that drives on autopilot.

This is scalable.

Not like the Dawn Wall which is not.

Great movie btw Netflix check it out.



Seriously an Orangutan can learn how to cash in with this.

Stupid simple @ don’t worry no bananas needed.


Feast your gorgeous eyes on this video by clicking that pretty link below.

Yeah, that is how you are going to see how Einstein:)


P.S. I threw in like 17 bonuses to sweeten the pot like Winnie the pooh tearing up some grade A hoonnneyyy.

Take action soldier.

March on.



The Funny Marketer

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Joe Rogan - Joey Diaz - Tom Segura = Hooker Stories, Mysterious Shit Stories, And Belly Aching Laughs.

Joe Rogan – Joey Diaz – Tom Segura = Hooker Stories, Mysterious Shit Stories, And Belly Aching Laughs.

This is one of my favorite Joe Rogan podcasts of all time because Joey Diaz is on a roll, as Tom Segura said “dude I need a break.”

“You almost hospitalized me once” to Joey Diaz.

When Joey Diaz was telling one of the funny stories of many in this hilarious podcast that is fitting for the funny marketer.

I do not know what Joey Diaz was on but he was funny as hell in this podcast his stories were belly aching funny as I am sure Joe Rogan @ Tom Segura would agree with my Einsteinesque analogy.

So, sit back relax smoke a fatty, drink a 40, or whatever else rocks your precious ship.

Hell, drink some water if you want you lame ass mofo.

Anyhow, sucka my minca ….

Did I spell that right?

Shit, who knows I do not speak Italian!

But sucka my minca anyways bitches.

Enjoy the best of my favorite podcast the Joe Rogan experience.

The funny marketer out!

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Forrest Gump And Making Money Online Forrest Gump+Shrimping+Making Money Online Funny Marketing Funny Marketing Story

Forrest Gump+Shrimping+Making Money Online

Runnnnn Forrest Runnnnnnnn!

When Jenny uttered those 3 magical words Forrests legs were like magical rocket ships that whisked him away faster than the speed of light.

“That boy sure could run”

Forrest sure did have some real magical legs.

But, what made Forrest so special besides his sprinting abilities was forests knack to seize opportunities when they presented themselves.

For instance.

Remember, when Forrest Gump started that shrimping business with Lieutenant Dan.

When all those other shrimping boats sank when that storm of the century came roaring through.

Forrests SS Jenny was the only shrimping boat left standing undamaged when the whole shrimping fleet was left utterly decommissioned.

So, needless to say Forrest and Lieutenant Dan caught all those tasty shrimp and made all that tasty money in the process.

Then Lieutenant Dan the no legged first mate invested all that shrimping money into a little company called Apple.

Perhaps you have heard of it.


Forrest and Lieutenant Dan both made a boatload of money.

Then lieutenant Dan bought himself some new magical titanium legs @ even got married in the process.

Yep, Lieutenant Dan got his new legs and all was good in the World.

Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies on the planet.

Forrest Gump is a classic movie with a lot of life lessons inside the movie that you can learn from.

So, where am I going with this Forrest Gump story.

My point is you should seize opportunities when they present themselves.

Just like Forrest Gump was able to do if you want to learn how to make money online as an affiliate marketer.

Seize the shrimp boat + Apple stocks like Forrest did.

Forrest wasn’t a very smart man but he knew what money waaaasssss!


That Apple stock is your bonified self made millionaire teacher Michael Cheney.

That shrimping boat well that is going to take you to your destination when it is sailing by a little cours called the Gold Rush.

Seize the opportunity like Forrest so smartly did.

Run over and grab your piece of the Gold Rush just like Forrest did.



Be your own ping pong star, shrimping boat captain, college football star, and the bazillion other things this mentally challenged movie man was able to accomplish with his life.

P.S. Remember to tuck that lip in Bubba if you go out and do everything on your own.

That wouldn’t be very smart.

That trip wire might detonate.

Happy travels.


A.K.A. the funny marketer.

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Playboy Fabio Hunk Makes Her Scream OMG

Playboy Fabio Hunk Makes Her Scream OMG While Creating An Online ATM Machine

The Man Was All Twisted Steel And Sex Appeal.

Chiseled and shredded to the bone.

His long blonde hair flowed in the wind like he was running through Chicago in the middle of a twister.

His bronzed skin glowed like he had just participated in an all night sex party.

Oh, he had it all!

The looks, and the body that made the men shutter with envy @ the women swoon with lustful fantasies of this modern day Fabio Hunk.

Oh my gawddddd it’s him!!!

These thirsty females would scream like teen girls that just entered a Justin Bieber concert.

It was sickening to say the least.

This man got more ass than a toilet seat at an Ebola clinic in sub saharan Africa.


There was one thing that this modern day hunk did not have and that was money of his own.

You know.

Moolah, dinero, cheddar, benjamins, dead presidents, green, whatever the hell you assholes want to call it.

This man was money retarded.


His handsome face was plastered to the window of the short bus with his tongue licking the busses dirty window when it came to making money.

Yes, he could make the ladies swoon!

But, he couldn’t pay his damn cable bill to save his life.

Sure, he could sell himself to the highest bidder.

But, he was more than just a piece of tasty meat that all the women just wanted to gobble up like a great white shark on a chubby ass seal.

Much more!

He desperately wanted more cash;

He was willing to learn;

He hungered with everything in his sexy body to learn;

His ripped muscles quivered at the pure thought of knowledge;

One of his many girlfriends who had to pay for him wherever they went was quoted as saying.

“Like OMG”! You are so hot!

Just like Fabio, but the real Fabio has money, and your broker than a one legged whino on a street corner.

Bobbing her head back as her double D’S bounced up and down like a circus freak on a trampoline.

I’m not your sugar mamma Fabio!

You really need to get your act together and start making some real money!

She screamed!

That was the last straw in his handsome hat!

He would show her!

He would show all of them!

He was more than just a handsome face and a perfect ripped body!

He heard about people making money online!

Hell, if they can do it!

So, can I!


He stumbled upon a chap from the U.K named Michael who was going to teach this handsome fella how the art of making money is done.

Fabio wannabe came.

Fabio wanna be saw.

Fabio wannabe started making money online.

And the rest is history!

With this;


Now he really has it all the looks, the ripped body, the ladies, and last but not least the money!

Doesn’t this just make you sick!

The funny marketer out!

Stay handsome peeps!

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One Legged Midget Hillbilly Prospector Strikes Gold Instantly

Michael Cheney Rap

This is a story of a one legged midget named Ted.

The poor little guy barely kept his family fed.

Then one day he was limping over for some food.

And up through his computer shot a golden brood.

Online Gold that is Texas tea.


The next thing you know Teds a millionaire.

His little clan said Ted you can buy a leg just over there.

Little Ted said Michael Cheneys course is the place you all outta be.

You wont need no shovels to strike Gold and wont have to dress like a hillbilllyyyyyy!!!

So, the clan loaded up there truck and they all bought from Cheneyyyy

On dis link dat is.

Down yonder.

Right down there.

Click dat link and you wont have to move to Beverlyyyyy.


You all strike gold now ya hear?

This was Beverly hillbillies theme song inspired.

Click the link to get the real gold and I’ll stop singing in this email.



Happy prospecting.



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Yo Mama, Yo Daddy, Yo Bald Headed Granny. Oh, No He Didn’t!

Yo Mama Don’t Dance And Your Daddy Don’t Rock N Roll But YO Bald Headed Granny Is Dancing Like A 20 Year Old Fillipino Break Dancer!

Want To Know Why?

I bet you do you nosey son of a gun you!

You see it is simple your mama don’t dance because well, she just can’t dance she sucks!

What did you expect something clever?

Ok, ok, you win here goes!

Yes, she is white and it is not right when it comes to shaking her tail feather!

If she is not white, and still can’t dance, well she still sucks!

I am equal opportunity dancer basher.

She is not taking her dancing talents to south beach like Lebron James did with the Miami Heat!

So she does not dance case closed!

Yo daddy cant rock n roll because the dude cant sing or swing his hips to save his life.

Unless you count that weird robot dance middle aged men do when they have had one too many Heinekens!

American idol or the voice no worries your safe from your daddies abomination of lackless talent.

See those big words I threw in there to make me look smart? Yeah those sucked too!

You know what does not suck?

Yo bald headed granny!


she’s twisting, she’s grooving, she’s moving, she’s spinning, and by golly she is winning!


She discovered this affiliate marketing coaching that’s teaching her how to get lot’s of bingo money, and that dream Cadillac with those shiny rims she always wanted to pimp the streets of a neighborhood near you, and she’s putting the 20 year old fillipino break dancers to shame with her groovy moves!

See how here;


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The Worlds First Intelligent Designer @ Social Media Automation Software Is Here

Like Straight From A Future Stephen Spielberg Hot Selling Book And Future Film Where A.I. Rules Social Media!

Ever see all those cool quotes, posts, graphics, questions, banners, etc.. that tend to get so many shares and likes?

Yep, I do all the time!

Because they work!


These marketers probably spend a lot of time and money creating this type of viral content.

What if you could automate this process?

Well know you can!

With this breakthrough A.I. software that works 24/7 for you.


Affiliate Graphics



And much more!

Bringing you tons of traffic!

And you don’t have to sit on the computer all day getting a sore ass!

Who wants a sore ass anyways.

Direct your leads to your blog, affiliate offers, or whatever you want.

This A.I. wants to do all the stuff that you do not want to do 24/7.

Freeing up your time.

It will even get the virtual sore ass for you.

So, you can do what you want.

See how;



I been on the computer too long my ass is sore.

Thankfully I hired this A.I. software as well.

Off to the gym:)



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Biz Opp Funny Marketing Illinois Lottery Michigan Lottery

Michigan Illinois Lottery This Biz Opp Has Them All Beat

Michigan Illinois Lottery Pics


If you are playing the Michigan or the Illinois lottery and you are planning on striking it rich.

Good luck with that!

Chances are 1 in almost 300 million that you will be doing cartwheels, and island hunting:)

But there still is that little tiny itsy bitsy chance, and people will not hesitate to throw there hard earned money down the toilet for that little chance.

Wait can you hear the flushing sound?


These odds are better than you winning the Michigan or Illinois lottery.


You have better odds killing a great white shark in 500 feet of water with your bare hands.

Or better yet how about choking out a lion in the African Savannah.

How about beating a cheetah in a foot race.

Yeah good luck with that too:)

You get my point!

How about investing in your future

This top entrepreneur and businessman is giving away the keys to his $1.1 million dollar a year internet biz.

100% instant commissions on all his products, $1,000 instant Paypal commissions, A-Z training complete with HD videos that shows you step by step how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is promoting other peoples products or services online in exchange for a commission for you newbies reading this.

Stop relying on the Michigan and Illinois lottery to strike it rich.

Invest in yourself!

This has much, much, better odds of making you money.

This is funnymarketer.com endorsed.

Check it out below.




Aka The Funny Marketer.


Michigan Illinois Lottery Pics

Click here for much better odds than the michigan illinois lottery

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Funny Affiliate Marketing Emails Funny Marketing This Pays Entrepreneurs Bigger Than Trump + Cuban Combined

This Pays Entrepreneurs Bigger Than Trump + Cuban Combined

Here a Trump.

There a Trump.

Everywhere a Trump, Trump.

Money Here.

Money There.

Money dancing everywhere.

Cha cha cha…

Mark Cuban hates your political views.

But you don’t care!

You want to give him a giant wedgie pulling his underwear.

Cha cha cha…

Put you both together.

What do we have?

A giant bag of moolah that can sing and dance.

Who has more money?

Trump or Cuban?

Well it’s all the same.

I think Mark Cuban does because he don’t play no games.

President Trump would beg to differ.

He says his entrepreneurial games stiffer.

Cha Cha Cha…..

Ok enough rhyming:)

What do these two well known billionaire entrepreneurs have in common?

Well they know how to make tons of cash.


Drumroll please….

They recognize a great business opportunity when they see it.

Mark Cubans a shark in real life and on t.v.

Trumps a shark as the p.o.t.u.s. and as a serial entrepreneur.

I’ve literally seen Trumps shark fin point out the back of his suit behind his neck:)

In all seriousness, hes not a real shark people.

This isn’t Jaws for the love of all that is holy and good….

These two genius marketers are not scaaaaarrrrrrdddd

To Take Calculated Risks.

Risks that can make them much more money then they spend in the longrun.

Cuban + Trump invest in themselves.

And you can do the same.

Want to invest in yourself?

Make Your Name Goes Here Great Again?

Well good amigo.

Ok back to rhyming:)

Here comes the real Jay shady.

Telling it like it is.

Listen to him if you want to have a profitable biz.

Enter a 7 figure marketer.

Who can teach you the same.

You definitely need this to improve your money game.

Selling high ticket this is where its at.

If you don’t see my point, I hope you get attacked by a big ass cat.

This 7 figure marketer can teach you to make your bank account sing.

$1,000 commissions will make the cash registers ring.

The keys to his $1.1 million dollar business.

Will make you do the money dance.

Now click that link below Mr. fancy pants.

Click here:


LA La La La La…..

I hope you enjoyed my rhyme.

I will see you next time.



The Funny Marketer.

This Pays Entrepreneurs Bigger Than Trump + Cuban Combined

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Funny Affiliate Marketing Emails Funny Marketing King Kong Beats Stupid Marketers With Jurassic Sized Bananas

King Kong Beats Stupid Marketers With Jurassic Sized Bananas

Wonder why they call that box office hit Kong skull island?

Those are human remains of deceased internet marketers.

Who ventured into hostile enemy territory.

Then got the king kong banana beatdown from the depths of hell.

That Jurassic sized Gorilla really layed the smackdown.

He hit the marketers so hard banana juice was pouring out of there orifices.

Ouch, ouch, ouch. and more ouch!

Kong is one powerful supersized ape that you do not want to piss off.

If you did you would get that old school gorilla beatdown that littered skull island with human carcasses.

Kong is that huge gorilla in the room marketers refer to as super affiliates, or gurus.

They make all the money.

They steal all those potassium rich yummy yellow naners.


But one fact remains!

No one messes with Kong!


Damn you Kong!

Sound familiar marketers?

Don’t know how to compete with the King Kongs Of the internet marketing World.

Here is a top secret King Kong classified marketing tip.

You have to promote high ticket products.

Enter the king silverback of the marketing world.

He’s 1/2 ape 1/2 man and is the silverback of the marketing World.

Want to learn how to go skull island on that ass?

Well, let this silverback marketer show you how to get all the bananas.

Find out here.


P.S. Grab a pen and some paper and a juicy ripe banana to munch on before they capture you and make you reveal your secrets.

P.S. You Will Go Donkey Kong on that ass after this training.



The funny marketer out:)

king kong marketing


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Funny Affiliate Marketing Emails Funny Marketing

Marketer Attacked By Ferocious Jurassic Sized Bumblebee

15 rounds fight human verse bumblebee.

Human Verse Bumblebee Fight To The Death.


I was mowing my grass one sunny summer day.

When a quarter sized bumblebee starting buzzing my way.

Then the unthinkable happened.

That damn big yellow and black furry bee started dive bombing my dome.

He meant serious business.

So I did what any crazy maniac would do.

I started throwing hay makers at mr. bee.

I yelled at the bumblebee.

You want to throw down Mr. bee?

Whats up?

Heck, I am not getting stung for noone!

I landed one haymaker, that I put everything into, and the bumble bee dropped out of the sky.

This bumblebee dropped just like the M.O.A.B. on that damn terrorist tunnel.

That is what you get Mr.bee I yelled.

I walked away feeling like the undisputed U.F.C. champion of the World.

How you like me now mr. bumblebee?

Problem solved:)


This bumblebee reminds me of most internet marketers.

Trying to attack everything in there business themselves.

Without trying to learn from someone who has walked the walk, and talked the talk.

Feel me?

I was this big walking dummy for a long time.

Ever see a drunk zombie?

Yeah that was me.


Until i invested in a course like a real g.

After all comrades.

The more you learn.

The more you earn.

Playas and playetttes.

Start learning and earning here:


P.S. Don’t be that dumb ass bumblebee and get knocked out by the competition.

Disclaimer: I was not drinking while creating the content of this email:)




The funny ass marketer.

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