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Coronavirus Penetrates Pornstars Giant Hog Induces Coma

Coronavirus Penetrates Pornstars Giant Hog Induces Coma

The pornstar suddenly slipped into a coma from a virus smaller than a 1,000,000,000 midgets.

Twas not the shady pornstarlettes with herpes, chlamydia, and the hiv that got this male pornstars giant hog.

No sireeee!

You see;

The Covid19 virus snuck out from a pornstarlettes coochie like it had legs and crawled into the male pornstars giant hog.

You see they were not social distancing!

After 5 days the coronavirus symptoms had set in bringing this pornstars hog to it’s knees.

Yes, it was a massive love hog!

But it was no match for the wee bug known as covid-19!

When it entered his shaft it worked it’s way through his circulatory system invading his bodies most vital organs.

Including his prize possession.

You guessed it his giant hog!

After a few days of bedridden agony fighting this little viral creature.

The pornstar and his giant hog were induced into a coma and rushed to the local E.R.

We at funny marketer are praying for his speedy recovery, and lots of unsafe sex with a slew of his favorite pornstarlettes in the future!

That are hopefully coronavirus free!

P.S. This is just for fun don’t believe this fake news.

Please pray for our pornstar with the giant hog for a speedy recovery.

May his penis be with him in this tumultuous time of despair.

And no I am not CNN

Trump 2020!

Hope you got a laugh!

The funny marketer out.

Stay safe out there.

Killing boring marketing one blog post at a time.

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