Playboy Fabio Hunk Makes Her Scream OMG

Playboy Fabio Hunk Makes Her Scream OMG While Creating An Online ATM Machine


The Man Was All Twisted Steel And Sex Appeal.

Chiseled and shredded to the bone.

His long blonde hair flowed in the wind like he was running through Chicago in the middle of a twister.

His bronzed skin glowed like he had just participated in an all night sex party.

Oh, he had it all!

The looks, and the body that made the men shutter with envy @ the women swoon with lustful fantasies of this modern day Fabio Hunk.

Oh my gawddddd it’s him!!!

These thirsty females would scream like teen girls that just entered a Justin Bieber concert.

It was sickening to say the least.

This man got more ass than a toilet seat at an Ebola clinic in sub saharan Africa.


There was one thing that this modern day hunk did not have and that was money of his own.

You know.

Moolah, dinero, cheddar, benjamins, dead presidents, green, whatever the hell you assholes want to call it.

This man was money retarded.


His handsome face was plastered to the window of the short bus with his tongue licking the busses dirty window when it came to making money.

Yes, he could make the ladies swoon!

But, he couldn’t pay his damn cable bill to save his life.

Sure, he could sell himself to the highest bidder.

But, he was more than just a piece of tasty meat that all the women just wanted to gobble up like a great white shark on a chubby ass seal.

Much more!

He desperately wanted more cash;

He was willing to learn;

He hungered with everything in his sexy body to learn;

His ripped muscles quivered at the pure thought of knowledge;

One of his many girlfriends who had to pay for him wherever they went was quoted as saying.

“Like OMG”! You are so hot!

Just like Fabio, but the real Fabio has money, and your broker than a one legged whino on a street corner.

Bobbing her head back as her double D’S bounced up and down like a circus freak on a trampoline.

I’m not your sugar mamma Fabio!

You really need to get your act together and start making some real money!

She screamed!

That was the last straw in his handsome hat!

He would show her!

He would show all of them!

He was more than just a handsome face and a perfect ripped body!

He heard about people making money online!

Hell, if they can do it!

So, can I!


He stumbled upon a chap from the U.K named Michael who was going to teach this handsome fella how the art of making money is done.

Fabio wannabe came.

Fabio wanna be saw.

Fabio wannabe started making money online.

And the rest is history!

With this;

Now he really has it all the looks, the ripped body, the ladies, and last but not least the money!

Doesn’t this just make you sick!

The funny marketer out!

Stay handsome peeps!

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