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10 Insanely Funny Reasons To RE-ELECT Donald J. Trump In 2020

10 Insanely Funny Reasons To Vote Trump 2020

There are literally hundreds of good reasons to re-elect the 45th president of the U.S.A. but I am only going to give you 10 reasons because I ran out of tissues for the crying left so here goes.

P.S. If I hurt your feelings sorry not sorry cupcake.

Get over it bitch boy or girl whatever you are.

If you love America, believe in capitalism, believe in safe streets, and do not hate the men and women in blue saving your candy asses on a daily basis.

Then team Trump should get your vote come election day 2020.

If you believe in legal immigration [ Yes I know every U.S.A. is technically an immigrant snowflakes! But, we all came here legally, were born in America, or went through the process to become citizens legally.

Legally being the keyword here.

I know that word is foreign to you idiots on the left!

That is why we have a great country!

If everyone decided to come over via swimming, boating, walking, or by plane train or automobile

These insanely funny reasons to vote team Trump 2020 are all in good fun.

P.S. this funny marketer will be voting team Trump come early November 2020.

Get over it radical left and if you do not like it I hear Canada is nice this time of year!

10 Insanely Funny Reasons To RE-ELECT Donald J. Trump In 2020

  • Donald Trump is building a great big beautiful wall the likes of which the World has never seen. The tiny little China virus will never be able to penetrate through this big beautiful wall it’s that good. This microscopic chinese virus is no match for my wall Okaaaaayyyyyyy. The concrete is Rona resistant!
  • Nancy the wicked witch of the east from the Wizard of Oz Pelosi and Chuck Shumer a.k.a. smithers from the simpsons will have instant heart attacks at the news of Trumps pending re-election and the World will rejoice having an around the World 24 hour keg party.
  • You like a big booming economy! The economy is booming like 2 inch Alpine subwoofers coming from the back of DR. Dre’s lowrider in the 90’s. [ Those booties are so nice I just wanna grab em by the pussy. ]
  • All the dumb ass left wing celebrities who should keep there political views to themselves because no-one gives a shit that you played in a shitty movie or you can sing will move to Canada when the news rings in that Donald J. Trump has won the 2020 re-election by a landslide again!!!!!
  • CNNs fake news and fake polls are revealed as they had Trump losing by 20 points to sleepy Joe Biden and not surprisingly to anyone Trump wins by 20 points while creepy sleepy Joe fondles his vice presidential candidate Kamal Harris from leftover pills he found at Bill Cosbys house. Damn’t why didn’t I pick Tulsi Gabbard as my vice presidential nominee she’s so much hotter! Sleepy Joe ponders to himself.
  • If you want the stock market to dance better than M.C. hammer and hammertime! Vote team Trump 2020! But let’s first do a little hammer time! Oh huh oh oh you can’t touch this stock market Nancy Pelosi!
  • Trump is finally making China pay and pay biglyyyyyy! Obama didn’t make China pay bigglllyyyy! But Donald J. Trump put a violent stop to china stealing our jobs and sucking money out of the U.S.A. economy like a poorly made hoover vacuum Chinese knockoff. Another reason to cast your vote for team Trump.
  • Choice 1: Would you rather look at Ivanka and Melania Trump? Choice 2: Creepy sleepy Joe and Kamala Harris? Easy choice there unless you have a mental disorder I think you need to make an appt with DR. Phil or an optometrist if you chose number 2. Shame on you! Just one more reason to cast your ballot for team Trump in early November.
  • What other president can entertain all the American people and people from around the World with his entertaining and hilarious Twitter tweets. Joe Biden couldn’t entertain a bag of clowns.
  • You do not want the United States to turn into a socialist cesspool like Venezuela and have our whole economy crumbling to the ground like a fat girl overexerting herself while watching old Richard Simmons video’s sweating to the oldies. Capitalism works and it is what makes America great!
  • All the corrupt do nothing politicians on the left headed by chief Witch Nancy Pelosi want president Trump removed from office because he is actually getting shit done and doing the things that are right for the American people. This is the best reason to cast your vote for Donald Trump in 2020 to piss off the socialist left.

If you want to build a great big beautiful online business the likes of which the World has never seen see that link above.

The funny marketer is out!

Why are you voting for team Trump in 2020? Your funny comments are welcome below.

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Shoot Up YouTube Faster Than A Joe Rogan Elon Musk Video

Yep, you remember the podcast – slash YouTube video when Joe Rogan interviewed one of the sharpest minds and powerful entrepreneurs on the planet.

Da da da duuhh!

Elon Musk.

Episode #1169 with over 22 million views and counting.

Yep, Elon Musk talked about the future of artificial intelligence.

Elon Musk talked about Tesla, and space X.


Elon Musk even took a puff of a fat Doobie that Joe Rogan reluctantly handed him even after warning him that his stocks may plummet.

Stocks, schmocks who cares!

Give me that shit Elon thought.

Hell, I am a billionaire I do what I want when I want.

Puff, puff, pass, pass Mr. Rogan.


Hell, it aint no fun if Elon cant have none!

If you have not checked out this episode of the Joe Rogan experience.

I highly suggest you take your pretty peepers over to YouTube sit down, relax, if you want smoke a fatty, I don’t judge:) and see what one of the most brilliant minds on the planet has to say.


22 million views this video has and it is only getting bigger and bigger.

Just like one of those fat chicks on YouTube that get paid to eat, and eat, and eat some more.

By there designated feeders.

I’m not pulling your leg!

I seen a video of a feeder that is what they call these legalized Dr. Kevorkian clowns ” Because that is what they essentially are killing people slowly. “


2 tons of funs boyfriend is shoving an actual funnel down this poor girls throat, with as many calories that money can buy, going down the old esophagus.

Now, that my fat shaming friend is messed up!

What is this World coming to!


How would you like your YouTube videos to get more traction than a formula 1 race car in the quarter mile on parched blacktop?


You wont get Joe Rogan ass kicking numbers.

You won’t get a UFC announcer contract, you won’t be able to kick a punching bag into the stratosphere like Mr. Rogan can, you probably will not even be the next host of fear factor…

Wll you meet Dana White?

Probably not!

And you damn sure are not gonna be able to make kick ass podcasts like Rogan can either.

But, you can get more traffic, higher YouTube rankings, and start making more money with every YouTube video that you publish.

Doesn’t that sound more delicious than an apple shaped hiney?

Watch the video below and see how this software is turning average Joe videos and sending those YouTube video’s to the top of the search results and producing Joe Rogan type traffic in the process.

What is this strange Youtube ranking software you ask?

I am glad you asked my nosey friend.

It is.

Da, da, da, daaah!

A 5-in-1 Whitehat Video Ranking Software with Powerful Local SEO Angle, Proof, and Fully Unique Features;

See how;



Here is that Joe Rogan Elon Musk Video that has 22 million views and counting.

You can watch it right here on and blaze up my fun loving friend.

The funny marketer is out like a candle in the wind.


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Instagram Stud Sports Banana Hammock For Free Traffic + Loot

Screw the Instagram bikini models they cannot make all the money on Instagram he won’t have it.

He is turning the tables on these bikini clad women with Kardashian ghetto booties.

Enter the man banana hammock.

Drum roll pleasseeeeeee!

Daaa da da daaah!

It’s slinky

It’s tiny

It’s yellow

And it is sported by this fellow.

<<< Fake link

S.M.H. Just kidding I wouldn’t do that to you.

You laughed right?

If you didn’t you do not have a sense of humor sorry to break the bad news.

If you did laugh.

Ok, praise the lawddd I did my job then.

Back to bizznessss.

In all seriousness, if you love Instagram or just want to learn how to get more free traffic from Instagram.

Then this is for you.

Check Out This Free Video Showing You How.


Affiliates: Start Seeing Results Today: Set Your Social Media On Automation. Generating you Authority, Likes, Follows and Sales Today.

Don’t worry there is no banana hammock included.

Just good old fashioned free traffic + Instagram sales.

ttyl Jay

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Kardashian Booty Clap Sends 8,000 Leads @ Traffic Galore

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian shake there bon bons to the tune of billions as the most famous reality stars to do absolutely nothing of value.

Right, Right?

Can I get an Amen?

But, love them or hate them.

These dames know how to generate cash like the federal reserve bank.


Kylie Jenner

Yep, still a Kardashian.

Anyhow, Kylie was the youngest person labeled a self made billionaire at the tender age of just 21 years old.

Thanks in big part to her makeup line.


Must be nice.

Anyhow, these Kardashian women really know how to make some serious cabbage.

They know how to get eyeballs on there show and there bon bons for that matter.

As in any online business.

Eyeballs equals traffic which in turn equals sales.

Heck, just ask the Kardashian sisters they have turned traffic into an art form, and have the bank statements to prove it.

Want to know another secret to make Kardashian coin?

A big email list.

Even bigger than a Kardashian booty.

Now, that’s big!

Learn how.

One Couple Added Over 8,000 New Email Subscribers IN JUST 4 MONTHS!

Click the pretty link below and turn into your own reality star.


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Lazy Affiliates Wet Dream Shaaakke This Money Tree

Screw Building Websites, Writing Content, And The 1,001 Other Time Sucking Soul Crushing Things Affiliates Do That Don’t Make Diddly Squat.

Let me ask you a question more serious than a heart attack.

Are you spending a lot of your hard earned time and not making one dime?

Well wipe those teary peepers my child.

This problem solver has more answers than Alex Trebek.

Ya know the Jeopardy dude.

This makes more money than the shark tank cast.

Now, that’s a lot of dough.

Suck it Cuban.

This is for you lazy ass affiliates.

Even if your not lazy just super smart this has your name plastered all over it as well. 

No website needed.

Beginner friendly. 

Stupid simple to use and apply.

Just like your favorite deodorant.

That was a joke!


Build your list on autopilot.

Ya know like one of those Tesla sweet rides that drives on autopilot.

This is scalable.

Not like the Dawn Wall which is not.

Great movie btw Netflix check it out.



Seriously an Orangutan can learn how to cash in with this.

Stupid simple @ don’t worry no bananas needed.


Feast your gorgeous eyes on this video by clicking that pretty link below.

Yeah, that is how you are going to see how Einstein:)

P.S. I threw in like 17 bonuses to sweeten the pot like Winnie the pooh tearing up some grade A hoonnneyyy.

Take action soldier.

March on.



The Funny Marketer

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Affiliate Marketing The Final Golden Frontier …

Gold The Wild Wests Oldest Frontier.

These are the voyages of Cheneys Gold Rush enterprise.

It’s ongoing mission.

To explore strange new goldmines.

To seek out new entrepreneurs, and help them make money online.

To boldly tell what no marketer has ever told before.

Click here Picard.

Number #1 would be proud.

This message is commander data approved.

Dooohhhhh Dooohhhhhh

Beam me to the Gold Scotty!

Transporter activated captain.

Mission accomplished Scotty!

Jay Out

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One Legged Midget Hillbilly Prospector Strikes Gold Instantly

Michael Cheney Rap

This is a story of a one legged midget named Ted.

The poor little guy barely kept his family fed.

Then one day he was limping over for some food.

And up through his computer shot a golden brood.

Online Gold that is Texas tea.


The next thing you know Teds a millionaire.

His little clan said Ted you can buy a leg just over there.

Little Ted said Michael Cheneys course is the place you all outta be.

You wont need no shovels to strike Gold and wont have to dress like a hillbilllyyyyyy!!!

So, the clan loaded up there truck and they all bought from Cheneyyyy

On dis link dat is.

Down yonder.

Right down there.

Click dat link and you wont have to move to Beverlyyyyy.

You all strike gold now ya hear?

This was Beverly hillbillies theme song inspired.

Click the link to get the real gold and I’ll stop singing in this email.



Happy prospecting.



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Multi- Millionaire affiliate marketer is giving away his Purest gold

Coronavirus Penetrates Pornstars Giant Hog Induces Coma

The Gold Rush Is ON Affiliates And The Bling, Bling Is Shinier Than A New Rolls Royce.

Want to learn from a multi-million dollar internet marketer?

Who has more bling than Jayzee, Lil Wayne, and Beyoncé combined.


He has the gold bitches.

This man is the MR T of the affiliate marketing World.

What you talking about foooolllssss?

He has a neck full of shiny 24 karat gold that is giving him neck cramps.


He needs to unload his Gold faster than an Amazon prime delivery.

The good news is….

You do not need any shovels, no digging permits,
and do not have to use one of those goofy metal detectors to locate his Gold.

Ever seen the movie Blood diamond?

Yeah, that didn’t work out so well at the end for poor Leo.

Those rebels can and will shoot at ya for stealing there gold or diamonds as Leo so tragically found out.

But, this British chap won’t.

He is a peaceful giving man who doesn’t own a gun.

Only because he is from the U.K they don’t allow it.


Drum roll pleaseeee!!!

He wants to show you how to get your greedy little hands on his bling, bling.

Want to learn from one of the best affiliates on the planet and get his golden money making secrets?

No shovel needed.

No mining permit needed.

What is needed: A smile, a computer, and internet connection.

Think you can handle that Cowboy?

Grab it here;

Beep, beep!

Sorry my goofy metal detector just located gold on that link and its going bat shit crazy.

Happy mining


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Joe Rogan Chokes Out Alex Jones As Alex Screams Matte From The Classic Movie Bloodsport

Yep, Joe Rogan has finally had enough of the big babbling buffoon that calls himself Alex Jones ( Info Wars ) and bitch slaps him back to Texas, as he screams matte from the classic movie bloodsport.

Aint nothing but steers and queers in Texas Alex and you sure don’t have horns on your melon.

So, it kind of narrows it down don’t it!

Full metal Jacket quote for you non movie buffs.

Alex Jones the babbling overgrown white gorilla has been talking major shit about Joe Rogan saying he is in with the Rothschilds and has sponsorships with the cash app, which is owned by the ceo of Twitter Jack Dorsey.

Alex Jones even went as far as bringing up old Joe Rogan clips saying he is racist etc… Alex Jones has no limits, as the all you can eat buffets will vouch for.

Yep, who cares Alex! Joe Rogan has a family to feed, he can promote midget porn if he wants too no one cares!

Joe Rogan is not a babbling conspiracy theorist who spits out nonsense on a daily basis to his millions of knuckleheads who actually believe his bullshit.

Joe Rogan actually produces great content which is enjoyable to millions of fans of all ages and interests.

Not, retarded conspiracy theories that no-one with half a brain will believe.

Hell, there are even window lickers who are smart enough to know hey, this Alex Jones guy is crazier than Kim Jung Un!

Yep, I am team Rogan on this one!

Alex Jones is just using Joe Rogans fanbase to try and grow his business which has been devastated by a social media typhoon ban from YouTube , Twitter, Facebook, and all the other social media giants getting together and massively bitch slapping Alex Jones and his business back to the stone age.

Yabba dabba doo bitch!

Hows that for a conspiracy theory you got ram rodded by a 100 foot social media hog in the bootay with no lube.

Ouch, that must have really hurt!

Did Joe Rogan really submit Alex Jones?

Nope, but if keeps talking smack this may turn into real news only time will tell!

P.S. This is fake news btw eat your heart out CNN

But the content in this post is as real as a hear attack!

I know you are jealous CNN!

Fake news!

The funny marketer out!

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Yo Mama, Yo Daddy, Yo Bald Headed Granny. Oh, No He Didn’t!

Yo Mama Don’t Dance And Your Daddy Don’t Rock N Roll But YO Bald Headed Granny Is Dancing Like A 20 Year Old Fillipino Break Dancer!

Want To Know Why?

I bet you do you nosey son of a gun you!

You see it is simple your mama don’t dance because well, she just can’t dance she sucks!

What did you expect something clever?

Ok, ok, you win here goes!

Yes, she is white and it is not right when it comes to shaking her tail feather!

If she is not white, and still can’t dance, well she still sucks!

I am equal opportunity dancer basher.

She is not taking her dancing talents to south beach like Lebron James did with the Miami Heat!

So she does not dance case closed!

Yo daddy cant rock n roll because the dude cant sing or swing his hips to save his life.

Unless you count that weird robot dance middle aged men do when they have had one too many Heinekens!

American idol or the voice no worries your safe from your daddies abomination of lackless talent.

See those big words I threw in there to make me look smart? Yeah those sucked too!

You know what does not suck?

Yo bald headed granny!


she’s twisting, she’s grooving, she’s moving, she’s spinning, and by golly she is winning!


She discovered this affiliate marketing coaching that’s teaching her how to get lot’s of bingo money, and that dream Cadillac with those shiny rims she always wanted to pimp the streets of a neighborhood near you, and she’s putting the 20 year old fillipino break dancers to shame with her groovy moves!

See how here;

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The Worlds First Intelligent Designer @ Social Media Automation Software Is Here

Like Straight From A Future Stephen Spielberg Hot Selling Book And Future Film Where A.I. Rules Social Media!

Ever see all those cool quotes, posts, graphics, questions, banners, etc.. that tend to get so many shares and likes?

Yep, I do all the time!

Because they work!


These marketers probably spend a lot of time and money creating this type of viral content.

What if you could automate this process?

Well know you can!

With this breakthrough A.I. software that works 24/7 for you.


Affiliate Graphics



And much more!

Bringing you tons of traffic!

And you don’t have to sit on the computer all day getting a sore ass!

Who wants a sore ass anyways.

Direct your leads to your blog, affiliate offers, or whatever you want.

This A.I. wants to do all the stuff that you do not want to do 24/7.

Freeing up your time.

It will even get the virtual sore ass for you.

So, you can do what you want.

See how;


I been on the computer too long my ass is sore.

Thankfully I hired this A.I. software as well.

Off to the gym:)



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A.I. Traffic Software Wants To Make You Money 24/7 With No Bathroom Breaks

Creates Social Media Graphics, Banner Ads, Facts, Quotes, Blog Titles, Questions, Around The Clock.

The best part is once you hire this breakthrough A.I. system to work for you.

It works for you for free 24/7 for life.

No bathroom breaks, no cigarette breaks, no lunch.

Yep, North Korean slave labor basically.

But, who cares it is not human:)

A.I. does not care about any of that petty human stuff!

A.I. just cares about making your business money.

And that is how it should be.

This is the future.

Terminator is back in 2018

He told you he would be back but Arnold just took a different form.

Want to hire this software from the distant future to work for you now?

Well, it is ready to seek and destroy!

See How


I will see you in the near future.


Jay ( AKA John Connor )

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A.I. Software Captures Swarms Of Social Media Traffic On Autopilot

Intelligent Social Media Software Captures Leads And Sales Around The Clock 24/7 Making The Cash Registers Sing?

Don’t want to spend all day on social media like a Kardashian sister?

But, still want fresh new leads and sales for your business.

Hiring someone to create graphics and content for your business can get very costly as you know.


What if you could create fresh new content and graphics with a sophisticated algorithm that creates content and designs for your social media posts on demand?

Well, this breakthrough software works for you around the clock doing all the hard work for you.

And, this genius created the perfect weapon for social media.

Watch to reach billions of people on social media?

Well, now you can!

See how here;

This is awesome!

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Pick From 12 Done For You Websites In The Hottest Selling Niches

Everything Is Outsourced And You Do Not Need To Know A Thing To Run A Super Profitable Business In Your Free Time…

But what if you could make most of the money while someone else does all the hard work?

Sounds smarter than Albert Einstein creating the theory of relativity.

Check out these 12 smart sites that are completely done for you and ready to deliver.

Pretty easy to run and scale too without much more time spent.

These sites are an example of a super smart business model in 2018.

And these done for you sites are hot, hot, hot, in demand niches for 2018 and way beyond.

Like what you see?

So do I that is why I got involved.

Think Fiverr and Freelancer outsourcing services where you keep most of them money and do not do any of the actual work!

This is the business that you have been waiting for.

Place your orders here;

Leave me a message on the chat box on the lower right hand corner of the site or just email me if you have any questions.

Let’s make 2018 our best year ever in the hot selling digital marketing service niche.

talk to you soon.


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Depressed Leprachaun Funny Affiliate Marketing Emails Funny Marketing Leprachaun Finds Shillings Uncategorized

Depressed Leprachaun Flips On The Happy Marketing Switch

leprachaun marketing gold

[ warning no prozoac required ]

This little newbie leprachaun marketer.

Had been suffering with depression for years.

Not matter what good things happened to him.

He never seemed to be happy.

The glass was always half empty.

{ In his little irish Leprachaun eyes }

That irish frown was always upside down.

For this poor little unhappy Leprachaun clown.

( Perhaps you know someone like this )

He was seriously considering the prozoac route.

Until he discovered Michael Cheneys and his training.

Although this little leprachaun was sad, he was also ambitious.

What he discovered inside Michael Cheneys training sent shivers down his spine.

The gold chillings eventually came flooding in…

The rainbow set in full color over his house.

His frown eventually turned upside down.

He was doing the leprachaun shuffle.

He even did the irish version of the macerana:)

He was happy once again.

So, what made this little sad leprachaun happy again?

Find out here and get your shillalys

See you on the other side of the rainbow.

Brought to you by the brains at:

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Email Marketing Funny Affiliate Marketing Emails Funny Marketing Listbuilding Uncategorized

Listbuilding Is Like Legos Even A Child Can Build It.

Learn how to build a big profitable email list.

Remember those fun little lego blocks that you used to put together as a child?

They fascinated you.

They intrigued you.

“You thought”

If I build it they will come.

Thinking field of dreams.

Your little child imagination just ran Wild.

Then you finally accomplished building that big skyscraper sears tower type block of legos.

You felt like Leonardo Dicaprio in Titanic.

You my friend were the king of the World.

You were prouder than a money hungry daddy who’s daughter just married the prince of Brunei.

Cha ching!

I finally did it.

How would you like that feeling again as an adult?

They say the money is in the list.

You are so hungry for that money that you can taste it.

Want that moolah?


If you want that yummy taste.


You have to learn from a top marketer who makes enough dough to pay for a small car everytime he hits send.

Learn how to build a big profitable list from someone who made over a million smackeroonies just last year alone by sending silly little emails.

There is a famous “quote”.

Learn from the best to be the best.

My friend.

“Give a man a fish he will eat for the day, But teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”

Want to build your lego empire?

Watch your list, your money, and your lego empire build up on the link below.

To Your Success


A.K.A. The funny marketer.

how to build an email list.

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7 Figure Franchise Biz Opp Uncategorized

Internet Marketer Thwarts Attack From Crybaby Wanna Be Affiliate Marketers

Crybaby wannabe internet marketers are everywhere.

There like the black plague of medieval times.

Waaaahhhh, Waaaaaahhhh,

I cant seem to make any money online.

Waaaahhh, Waaaaahhhh,

Crying like a little baby.

You want some cheese with that wine?

These crybaby marketers are everywhere.

Blaming the World, and everyone in it, for there lack of seeing any tangible results when it comes to making money online.

Mainly it is because.

Most internet marketers are plain lazy.

Sorry to be so blunt.


They do not know what the hell they are doing.

Or a combination of the both.

They believe there is a magical fairy that owns a big money tree, and sprinkles glitter on it, and the money magically appears.

Well, thanks fairy;)

You are swell.

We all wish right;)

I would grow a forest if that was the case.


There are no such things as money trees.

You have to work for it.

You have to build your biz.

But I want to make it much easier for you.

How would you like all the work done for you essentially?

How would you like $1,000 instant Paypal commissions.

How would you like 100% commissions on a whole suite of best selling internet marketing products?

Including all upsells, recurring, and downsells.

You keep it all kimosabe.

How about World class affiliate marketing training where you can see and learn how Michael Cheney runs his $1.1 million dollar a year internet marketing biz.

Don’t know how to do affiliate marketing?

No worries, he will teach you everything he knows.

The more you learn.

The more you earn.

It’s like planting your own money tree.

And picking off dollar bills when the sales start coming in.

Sound interesting?

If your smart you will click that link below.



A.K.A. The funny marketer.


crybaby internet marketers

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