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Jim Carrey Juice Man

Jim Carrey Juice Man Skit Freaking Hilarious

Who doesn’t love Jim Carrey right?

Remember, all his funny skits on Saturday night live back in the day?

Dudes hilarious!

That is why he shot to fame as a movie star years later, but these videos are what starting the ball rolling for Jim Carrey and his acting career.

Jim is a comedian first and an actor second.

Don’t you forget it my pretty little bitches.

I heard about this video through the Howard Stern show I thought it was something new that Jim Carrey had done so I googled Jim Carrey the juice man sketch on Saturday night live.

Come to find out Howard Stern was just talking about how amazing Jim Carrey was and is and how the juiceman skit had him almost pissing his pants laughing.

I have to agree Howard this skit is funny as fuck!

P.S If your too young to remember this skit let Jim Carrey show you how we used to do it old school you young puppies.

Alrighty theeeeennnnn!

Watch it below bitches!

The funny marketer out!

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