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10 Insanely Funny Reasons To RE-ELECT Donald J. Trump In 2020

10 Insanely Funny Reasons To Vote Trump 2020

There are literally hundreds of good reasons to re-elect the 45th president of the U.S.A. but I am only going to give you 10 reasons because I ran out of tissues for the crying left so here goes.

P.S. If I hurt your feelings sorry not sorry cupcake.

Get over it bitch boy or girl whatever you are.

If you love America, believe in capitalism, believe in safe streets, and do not hate the men and women in blue saving your candy asses on a daily basis.

Then team Trump should get your vote come election day 2020.

If you believe in legal immigration [ Yes I know every U.S.A. is technically an immigrant snowflakes! But, we all came here legally, were born in America, or went through the process to become citizens legally.

Legally being the keyword here.

I know that word is foreign to you idiots on the left!

That is why we have a great country!

If everyone decided to come over via swimming, boating, walking, or by plane train or automobile

These insanely funny reasons to vote team Trump 2020 are all in good fun.

P.S. this funny marketer will be voting team Trump come early November 2020.

Get over it radical left and if you do not like it I hear Canada is nice this time of year!

10 Insanely Funny Reasons To RE-ELECT Donald J. Trump In 2020

  • Donald Trump is building a great big beautiful wall the likes of which the World has never seen. The tiny little China virus will never be able to penetrate through this big beautiful wall it’s that good. This microscopic chinese virus is no match for my wall Okaaaaayyyyyyy. The concrete is Rona resistant!
  • Nancy the wicked witch of the east from the Wizard of Oz Pelosi and Chuck Shumer a.k.a. smithers from the simpsons will have instant heart attacks at the news of Trumps pending re-election and the World will rejoice having an around the World 24 hour keg party.
  • You like a big booming economy! The economy is booming like 2 inch Alpine subwoofers coming from the back of DR. Dre’s lowrider in the 90’s. [ Those booties are so nice I just wanna grab em by the pussy. ]
  • All the dumb ass left wing celebrities who should keep there political views to themselves because no-one gives a shit that you played in a shitty movie or you can sing will move to Canada when the news rings in that Donald J. Trump has won the 2020 re-election by a landslide again!!!!!
  • CNNs fake news and fake polls are revealed as they had Trump losing by 20 points to sleepy Joe Biden and not surprisingly to anyone Trump wins by 20 points while creepy sleepy Joe fondles his vice presidential candidate Kamal Harris from leftover pills he found at Bill Cosbys house. Damn’t why didn’t I pick Tulsi Gabbard as my vice presidential nominee she’s so much hotter! Sleepy Joe ponders to himself.
  • If you want the stock market to dance better than M.C. hammer and hammertime! Vote team Trump 2020! But let’s first do a little hammer time! Oh huh oh oh you can’t touch this stock market Nancy Pelosi!
  • Trump is finally making China pay and pay biglyyyyyy! Obama didn’t make China pay bigglllyyyy! But Donald J. Trump put a violent stop to china stealing our jobs and sucking money out of the U.S.A. economy like a poorly made hoover vacuum Chinese knockoff. Another reason to cast your vote for team Trump.
  • Choice 1: Would you rather look at Ivanka and Melania Trump? Choice 2: Creepy sleepy Joe and Kamala Harris? Easy choice there unless you have a mental disorder I think you need to make an appt with DR. Phil or an optometrist if you chose number 2. Shame on you! Just one more reason to cast your ballot for team Trump in early November.
  • What other president can entertain all the American people and people from around the World with his entertaining and hilarious Twitter tweets. Joe Biden couldn’t entertain a bag of clowns.
  • You do not want the United States to turn into a socialist cesspool like Venezuela and have our whole economy crumbling to the ground like a fat girl overexerting herself while watching old Richard Simmons video’s sweating to the oldies. Capitalism works and it is what makes America great!
  • All the corrupt do nothing politicians on the left headed by chief Witch Nancy Pelosi want president Trump removed from office because he is actually getting shit done and doing the things that are right for the American people. This is the best reason to cast your vote for Donald Trump in 2020 to piss off the socialist left.

If you want to build a great big beautiful online business the likes of which the World has never seen see that link above.

The funny marketer is out!

Why are you voting for team Trump in 2020? Your funny comments are welcome below.

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