Joe Rogan Chokes Out Alex Jones As Alex Screams Matte From The Classic Movie Bloodsport

Yep, Joe Rogan has finally had enough of the big babbling buffoon that calls himself Alex Jones ( Info Wars ) and bitch slaps him back to Texas, as he screams matte from the classic movie bloodsport.

Aint nothing but steers and queers in Texas Alex and you sure don’t have horns on your melon.

So, it kind of narrows it down don’t it!

Full metal Jacket quote for you non movie buffs.

Alex Jones the babbling overgrown white gorilla has been talking major shit about Joe Rogan saying he is in with the Rothschilds and has sponsorships with the cash app, which is owned by the ceo of Twitter Jack Dorsey.

Alex Jones even went as far as bringing up old Joe Rogan clips saying he is racist etc… Alex Jones has no limits, as the all you can eat buffets will vouch for.

Yep, who cares Alex! Joe Rogan has a family to feed, he can promote midget porn if he wants too no one cares!

Joe Rogan is not a babbling conspiracy theorist who spits out nonsense on a daily basis to his millions of knuckleheads who actually believe his bullshit.

Joe Rogan actually produces great content which is enjoyable to millions of fans of all ages and interests.

Not, retarded conspiracy theories that no-one with half a brain will believe.

Hell, there are even window lickers who are smart enough to know hey, this Alex Jones guy is crazier than Kim Jung Un!

Yep, I am team Rogan on this one!

Alex Jones is just using Joe Rogans fanbase to try and grow his business which has been devastated by a social media typhoon ban from YouTube , Twitter, Facebook, and all the other social media giants getting together and massively bitch slapping Alex Jones and his business back to the stone age.

Yabba dabba doo bitch!

Hows that for a conspiracy theory you got ram rodded by a 100 foot social media hog in the bootay with no lube.

Ouch, that must have really hurt!

Did Joe Rogan really submit Alex Jones?

Nope, but if keeps talking smack this may turn into real news only time will tell!

P.S. This is fake news btw eat your heart out CNN

But the content in this post is as real as a hear attack!

I know you are jealous CNN!

Fake news!

The funny marketer out!

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